Preliminary Information Form



1.1 Information On Seller

Title:  Manolya Ateş – Albayrak Auction
Address Caferağa Mh Muvakkıthane CD No:26 İçkapı: 84 K:4 Kadıköy İstanbul
Telephone: +90 554 791 5775
E-Mail: -

1.2. Information On Buyer





E-mail Address:

This section explains the basic specifications of the product or products covered by the Contract.

Your order is delivered to the courier for and on behalf of the BUYER to be shipped to the BUYER Address or any address designated by the BUYER in Turkey no later than 3 (three) days for delivery in 30 (thirty) days from the instruction, “send” to be given by the BUYER via the Internet site after the arrival of the Product at the SELLER.


The Consumer is entitled to renounce the Contract by rejecting the goods without assuming any civil or criminal liability, providing any justification and paying any charges within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of deliver or before taking delivery of the goods in case of Distance Contracts for sale of goods. In case of Distance Contracts for Provision of Services, this time limit starts from the date of Contract signature.

In cases where a single order or a single product is delivered multiple times, the last delivery date and, in cases where the same product is delivered to the Consumer multiple times periodically, the initial delivery date, are taken as the start of the time limit. The SELLER is responsible for costs arising from the exercise of the renouncement right including return transport costs. In cases where the SELLER fails to provide the Consumer with the preliminary information on the renouncement right on the preliminary information form, the renouncement right is exercisable within one year; in cases where proper notice is served within one year, it is exercisable within 14 days.

The Consumer may, within 14 days, exercise the renouncement right by sending an e-mail to - or calling +90 554 791 5775. Upon exercise of the renouncement right, the Consumer must deliver the returned product to Local Cargo for payment against delivery.