Auction Rules

  1. Albayrak Auction is the auction house.
  2. Albayrak Auction is entitled to sell other third parties’ items via its auctions. No two bidders in any auction may place the same bid on the same item. The owner of the highest bid on a given item is entitled to buy that item. In cases, where an item receives a single bid, the bidder is entitled to buy the item at its opening price, regardless of the bid. In cases, where an item receives multiple bids, the highest bid shall be reached by outbidding the last bid with the appropriate price increment level (see Price Increment Table below), and the owner of the highest bid shall be entitled to buy that item. All prices indicated in catalogues are opening bids. No item shall be sold below its opening bid.
  3. Commission rates may vary for each auction.
  4. All items listed on may be displayed and examined at our office location. Albayrak Auction is not responsible for any discrepencies between an item’s listing description and its legal status. All visual aids are for guidance purposes only. The authentic features (color, tone, condition etc.) is encouraged to be examined by the bidders in person at our office location.
  5. All auction bids are kept under record, and all cancellation requests must be submitted to Albayrak Auction staff in writing.
  6. All first-time bidders with more than 5 items bid, or above 1.000.-$ total bids must present a reference contact. In cases, where bidder fails to present a valid reference contact, Albayrak Auction holds the right to cancel all bids. Albayrak Auction reserves the right of initiative to accept, or deny any bids.
  7. All bids are subject to cancellation in cases, where paymet is failed to be delivered within the next 15 days after the auction is concluded.
  8. The ownership of an item shall be transfered to the buyer, once the payment is made in full.
  9. All bidders are strongly advised to bid with the highest desired price levels. All bids may be increased until the auction is concluded. As per automated bid increase system, the current highest bid shall be increased with the appropriate increment. An automated e-mail notification is share to notify any outbid bids.
  10. Price increment table
  • For auctions held in Turkish Lira;

5 TL  to 20 TL   - 1 TL.

20 TL to 50 TL - 2 TL

50 TL - 100 TL - 5 TL

100 TL - 250 TL - 10 TL

250 TL - 500 TL - 25 TL

500 TL- 1000 TL - 50 TL

1000 TL-5000 TL - 100 TL

5000 TL-10000 TL - 250 TL

10000 TL-20000 TL - 500 TL

20000 TL and over - 1000 TL

  •  For auctions held in USD;

$ 20 'until  – $1

$ 20 to $ 50 to $ 2

$ 50 to $ 100 to $ 5

$ 100 to $ 200 – $ 10

$ 200 to $ 500 - $ 25

$ 500 to $ 1000 - $ 50

$ 1000 to $ 5000 - $ 100

$ 5000 to $ 10000 - $ 250

$ 10000 to $ 20000 - $ 500

$ 20000 and over  – $ 1000

  1. All auctions are held on-line exclusively at Auction end dates, times, and all traditional (physical) auctions are to be announced separately by Albayrak Auction.
  2. Credit Card, credit card payments are added according to the commission rates applied by the banks. This ratio is constantly changing.
  3. Albayrak Auction may contact you over the contact information you have provided during registration. In cases, where you wish not to be contacted, please reach us at by stating SMS CANCELLATION or E-MAIL CANCELLATION.
  4. All registered users accepts by default to all terms and conditions stated above.